Sep 28, 2016


Ohio judge orders girls’ bathroom access for transgender student

Sep 28, 2016

A federal judge rejected a school district’s challenge to President Barack Obama’s rule on transgender bathrooms on Monday, ordering a biologically male student who identifies as female be treated “like the girl she is.” Judge Algenon Marbley said the Highland Local Schools in Morrow County had failed to provide a persuasive argument that giving the…


High school paints over display of Ten Commandments

Sep 28, 2016

A controversy that started back on Sept. 8 has come to an end at O’Donnell High School. A wall displaying the Ten Commandments has been painted over. Superintendent of O’Donnell ISD, Dr. Cathy Amonett, released this statement. “After consultation with legal counsel, community members and students, I have decided as the Superintendent of O’Donnell ISD that…


Crucifix, Trump chalkings reported as ‘hate incidents’ at University of Wiscosin-LaCrosse

Sep 28, 2016

A report released by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s “Hate Response Team” shows that more than 10 percent of reported hate incidents were determined to be fake or frivolous. In fact, the report notes that 28 of 192 reports were found to be either completely fake or “not a bias/hate incident,” accounting for 14 percent of…


White House tells the Pentagon to quit talking about ‘competition’ with China

Sep 28, 2016

The White House has barred Pentagon leaders from a key talking point when it comes to publicly describing the military challenges posed by China. In February, Defense Secretary Ash Carter cited the “return to great power of competition” in the Asia-Pacific, “where China is rising.” Similarly, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson characterized China…


Three-parent baby

Sep 28, 2016

The world’s first child created using a controversial “three-parent” baby technique has been born in Mexico, it has been announced. Limited details about the birth were revealed ahead of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s scientific congress in Salt Lake City next month, where it will be discussed more fully. According to critics, the procedure is…


‘Modern Family’ casts transgender child actor

Sep 28, 2016

“Modern Family” is truly living up to its name. The hit ABC show has just cast 8-year-old Jackson Millarker, who is transgender, as Lily’s friend Tom on the show. The actor will make his debut on Wednesday night’s episode titled, “A Stereotypical Day.” A synopsis of the upcoming episode reads: “Cam [Eric Stonestreet] and Mitchell…


Controversy brews over transgender student’s locker room privileges in Illinois

Sep 28, 2016

Contentious debate erupted at a suburban school board meeting over a policy that allows a transgender middle school student choose which locker room to use based on that student’s gender identity. School District CEO Tony Sanders has made the decision unilaterally, and said school board approval wasn’t required. Parents on both sides of the issue…


Transgender man gives birth to his own baby in world first

Sep 26, 2016

Then they decided they wanted a child, and Mr Machado soon made the discovery he was expecting. The couple were able to have a baby because neither had undergone corrective surgery. Posting a photograph of their new son on Facebook, the couple wrote: “Our son is not only a blessing, but he also promotes love.”


Creepy clown sightings

Sep 26, 2016

Clown sightings have been recorded through late summer in South Carolina, southern Kentucky, Tennessee and a few other states. A teenager in Coffee County, Tennessee claimed to be attacked by a clown in recent days while other children reported clowns trying to lure them into the woods across the southern United States. At a local…


Transgender police officer in San Diego wins honor

Sep 26, 2016

When Christine Garcia, who was named Christopher at birth, decided to come out as a woman, it was bittersweet. She felt happiness was finally in reach, but she was sure her career as a San Diego police officer was over. Transgender women couldn’t be cops, she thought. But her dedication to the profession gave her the…


Huge meteor crashes to earth as flash of light is spotted in sky and houses shake

Sep 26, 2016

A ‘ meteor ‘ crashed into earth causing tremors and a huge “flash of light” in the sky, it has been reported. The fireball was spotted at Turkey Beach and Emerald in Queensland, Australia, as hundreds of locals took the social media to report their houses shaking and a “burning light” in the sky. Police…