Hallmark Is Now Selling Cards to Celebrate Transgender People Who Are Transitioning

There are greeting cards to celebrate and support people through all stages of life, from graduations to career changes to birthdays. But until recently, these sentimental notes haven’t always included words of encouragement for transgender people or offered congratulations for a major event in their lives: transitioning. That, however, is now changing: Hallmark has started selling cards geared specifically toward the transgender community.

A tweet by librarian Renata Sancken first brought these cards to the Internet’s attention earlier this month. A series of photos she shared shows a Hallmark card reading “You’re becoming who you’ve always been” on the front and “How wonderful is that?” inside. As shown in her photos, Sancken found the card in a section of the store’s card rack titled, “Encouragement: Gender/Transitioning.” GLAMOUR

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