LGBT group taking gay pride T-shirt case to state Supreme Court

Critics of a Kentucky appellate court’s decision allowing a T-shirt printer to refuse the business of a LGBT organization on religious grounds have decided to file a legal appeal of the action to the state’s highest court.

The Lexington Human Rights Commission’s decision Monday follows the group’s second consecutive legal defeat in its battle with Blaine Adamson of Hands On Originals, a T-shirt company. In 2012, Adamson refused a LGBT group’s request to make T-shirts promoting a gay pride festival because doing so would violate his Christian beliefs.

After the Lexington Human Rights Commission (LHRC) ruled that Adamson had violated the city’s fairness ordinance, he took the group to court and won. The LHRC then asked the Kentucky Court of Appeals to review the decision, and Friday it lost again in a 2-1 vote. FOX

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