“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” Romans 16:20

You never know what comes next. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers had an interview with ESPN where he said that he follows Rob Bell, a false prophet.

Rob Bell’s beliefs are outside the bounds of Christianity. He teaches universalism (that all people will be saved) and denies the doctrine of hell. He believes that when people die, hell is used to bring people to salvation. Basically, people have a second chance.

“And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27). This verse clearly refutes Bell’s false teaching.

We went on worldwide radio taking Aaron Rodgers on for supporting Bell. Rodgers has a big impact in the world of sports. As I was doing the interview, I thought about all the kids that look up to him. Someone has to speak up.

We had a second worldwide interview, taking on the national anthem protests happening in the NFL. Marxists are influencing the players who decide to take a knee. Some of the players do not even know it. If people protest, do it peacefully and not during the national anthem.

In 1968 at the Olympics, Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised clenched fists during the national anthem. By doing so, they identified with the Marxist organization Black Panthers. Marxists are usually atheists and some claim to be Christians, involved in liberation theology, an apostate form of Christianity.

After the 2016 Olympic Games, Smith and Carlos were invited to the White House with the Olympic team. During the presentation, President Obama raised his clenched fist in support of Smith and Carlos. We were the only ones standing against this publicly. A month before, former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat during the national anthem during a game.

Now many players, coaches, and very few fans are protesting during the national anthem. We believe athletes need to stand during the national anthem. The USA government put abortion and homosexuality into law. Our troops had nothing to do with this, so I stand up during the anthem, even though I do not support the USA government on many issues.

The following interview was played on 200 radio stations, then worldwide. Segments of the interview was played every hour for 2-3 days. The stations are increasing in listeners so we are being used by the Lord to get the message out. Notice, the last paragraph of the interview below as our only hope is in Jesus Christ.

Some days here in Madison, we have little strength, but the Lord gives us peace despite the challenges. We are very grateful for your support, encouragement, and prayers. We know we are in a spiritual battle as we stand up for Christian athletes, but God protects us.

Love in Christ, Steve and Liz McConkey

Left’s takeover of sports – where it started, where it’s going
Bill Bumpas (OneNewsNow.com) / Thursday, September 28, 2017

The leader of a sports ministry says liberals are using the controversy of athletes protesting during the national anthem as an opportunity to push forward the left-wing agenda – and it’s not a new phenomenon, he notes.

It was almost five decades ago when two American athletes raised their black-gloved fists at the 1968 Olympics during the playing of the national anthem. John Carlos and Tommie Smith – famous for their demonstration of the “Black Power salute” (above) – were among those invited to the Obama White House in September 2016 to a ceremony honoring the U.S. Olympic team.

Fast forward to more recent events on NFL sidelines and it’s obvious that sporting events have continued to be politicized, says Steve McConkey. The president of 4 Winds Christian Athletics says no longer can fans attend a competition in person or watch it on TV and be free from politics. He warns it’s only going to get worse.

“Now we’re seeing a real effort by the left to come in and take the national anthem – to make it so controversial that people probably want to do even away with it,” he predicts. “What’s next is they’re trying to chip away at the Constitution.

“This is all related – and make no mistake about it: this is going to be used by the left.”

McConkey believes the use of sports by the left to further its agenda started “massively” in 2003 with the approval of transgenders in the Olympics by the International Olympic Committee. He says many organizations and corporations, such as Nike, have been there all along the way, supporting the liberal agenda.

“And so it’s all combined,” he argues. “They’re supporting transgenders, Planned Parenthood, abortion – and now they’re coming out and saying it’s okay to protest the flag.”

He adds: “We may never reverse the moral decline in the United States, but we need to be examples on how to confront error. Also, we need to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in truth and love.”

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