Big names linked to doping, including top USA athletes

The hacking group known as Fancy Bears has released a fresh trove of documents related to alleged doping practices by star track and field athletes. The docs, including emails and reports related to ongoing investigations, reveal government involvement in trying to play down violations, as well as patronage for athletes depending on their country.

The documents, released late Wednesday, provide new evidence highlighting the inefficiency and corruption in professional sports doping tests, and the extent to which the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), governments and other agents conspire to interfere in doping investigations or disguise rule violations.

The latest tranche of info, part of Fancy Bears’ self-professed campaign against doping and corruption in sports, includes a spreadsheet from the IAAF’s Athletics Medical & Anti-Doping Department showing that over forty athletes had their athlete biological passports listed as ‘suspicious’, with some 18 athletes flagged as ‘likely doping’ by testers. SPUTNIK NEWS

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