DroneHunter stops trespassing drones

A start-up called Fortem Tech has developed a drone-hunting drone to pull trespassers out of the sky with a net, while keeping onlookers safe below.

According to FAA forecasts, nearly 7 million drones will be sold in the U.S. by 2020.

Most people want to use unmanned aerial vehicles for good reasons, like gathering data or delivering life-saving medical supplies to people in need. But drones are also misused and abused.

For example, last month a civilian drone crashed into an Army helicopter above Staten Island. Drones have also crashed onto the White House lawn, into power lines (causing a major blackout), and through apartment windows and storefronts. FBI Director Christopher Wray recently predicted in congressional testimony that terrorists will try to use drones to attack people in the U.S. CNBC

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