Former NFL Player Ryan O’Callaghan Comes Out as Gay

Two weeks before former NFL offensive tackle Ryan O’Callaghan’s world turned upside down, he went to the Los Angeles Pride parade and festival. Being in that environment and walking around West Hollywood wasn’t a shell-shocking experience, to use O’Callahan’s own words. He’d been an out gay man for several years.

He didn’t fit the gay stereotypes, but O’Callaghan had spent a lot of time cultivating a self-accepting identity that he spent so much time trying to escape.

O’Callaghan knew that on June 20th, his life would change forever. That’s what the trip to Los Angeles was about. It was to sit on a bench with one camera in front of him, and one behind, and tell a public story to SB Nation’s Outsports that for years he struggled with privately. ROLLING STONE


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