4 WINDS NEWS RELEASE: Left Takeover of Sports, Anthem Protesters, Nike, U.S. Olympic Committee

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MADISON, Wisc., September 26, 2017 / 4 Winds Christian Athletics/ – On Sunday, numerous NFL players protested the national anthem. The NFL, Nike, and the U.S. Olympic Committee support the protesters.

The left has been using sports to further their agenda, starting massively in 2003 with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approving transgenders in the Olympics.

In 2003, 4 Winds Christian Athletics President Steve McConkey called every IOC member in the United States protesting the transgender agenda. Also, he called the U.S. Olympic Committee offices in Colorado Springs.

This was the first time the left used sports as a vehicle to promote their causes on a massive scale. After the IOC’s decision, the LGBT agenda spread to high schools, the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, Jenner, and the military. McConkey fought this agenda the whole way.

During the 2016 Olympics, McConkey stood against Nike’s transgender ads on NBC and the Game’s LGBT agenda, including NBC using cross dresser Johnny Weir. Also, McConkey has fought Nike for supporting Planned Parenthood.

After the 2016 Olympics, the White House honored the Olympic team in September. President Obama also invited John Carlos and Tommie Smith to be honored. These two athletes raised their black gloved fists during the national anthem at the 1968 Olympics.

They sided with the Black Panthers, a terrorist organization. During the White House celebration, President Obama raised his clenched fist in recognition of the two athletes.

4 WINDS President Steve McConkey was the only sports person standing against this. Less than a month before the ceremony, San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat during the national anthem at a preseason game.

“The left is using sports to challenge morals on a scale we have never seen before,” states Steve McConkey. “When successful in one area, they move onto the next thing. We may never reverse the moral decline in the United States, but we need to be examples on how to confront error. Also, we need to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in truth and love.”

Steve McConkey is the founder and president of 4 Winds Christian Athletics (4 WINDS), a ministry that stands up for Christian athletes. Steve regularly appears on worldwide radio and is frequently quoted in articles throughout the world. He has a Master of Public Health from Western Kentucky University with honors. Steve and his wife started in world-class track and field ministries in 1981 and expanded to all sports in 2014. Steve was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but moved to NW Wisconsin after the sixth grade. He became a Christian after reading the Bible as an undergraduate. 4 WINDS produces BigPlanetWatch.com which provides Worldwide News to Discern the Times, plus Track and Field Report.

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