Professor reported for question critical of transgenders competing against women in sports

A professor at a California college was reported to his dean after one of his exam questions asked whether it was fair for biologically male athletes who are transgender to compete against women.

Students in an English class at College of the Desert were asked a question on a May 22 final exam that read: “During track and field season, Palm Springs High School had a boy, who thinks he is a girl competing against girls in track and field. Since boys are physically more muscular, bigger, stronger and faster, how is this a fair competition? What is the point in even having girls’ sports if this is going to be allowed? What should the competitors themselves, their parents and their coaches do about this?”

Andylynn Payne, a transgender woman (biological man who identifies as a woman) and a student in Arthur Morrow’s English 61 class, was one of several students who found the question on the final exam troubling, according to KESQ News. COLLEGE FIX

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